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Our collection of Football Manager guides and tutorials lets you get a deeper knowledge of FM20, FM21 or FM22 by looking at the most important aspects of a true managers daily responsibilities and tasks.

With Football Manager 2021 putting your managerial abilities and football knowledge to the test, our guides and tutorials will help you
put your own footballing philosophy into practice. By demonstrating our footballing vision, funding principles regarding tactics, training and scouting we connect the three most important aspects of Football Manager and football management in particular:



Tactics Creation

Our guides and tutorials looks in general how we play Football Manager and how we use our 20 plus years experience of Football Manager to create a title winning squad. Now we share our tips and tricks to let you master the beautiful game.

From rather basic guides about the player attributes of Football Manager to more advanced guides looking at the different pressing styles and how to achieve counter-pressing in Football Manager, we believe you’ll find interesting content no matter you’re experience level.

Essential Football Manager Guides | Recommended Readings;

All of our Football Manager guides are split into several aspects in regard to Football Manager, which all influences each other, such as player development in training and familiarity with tactics.

Our written guides and tutorials let you;

NB! A range of Football Manager 2022 guides that aims to let you master Football Manager is coming soon…

With our unique tips and tricks, tutorials and advises you will get the most out of Football Manager. Enhance your passion for Football Manager today!